LB-350 Semi-Automatic Binder 350 mm

Intended for automatic cutting, binding and closing double-loop spirals

Semiautomatic binding machine with electronic closing adjustment LB-350 is designed for any kind of product, especially for books, booklets, pads and planners. It even handles items with oversized cover. It’s floor standing and base-mounted. It is speedy, energy efficient (peak demand is only 0.5 kW), size-consciously designed and fully electronically adjusted. One of LB-350 key benefits is that no removable closing tools are required. What means that it can use double-loop spirals of all diameters in the pitches 3:1” and 2:1”. Pitch change from 3:1” and 2:1” and vice versa is achieved quickly by setting the computer, the process of pneumatic power drive readjustments is completely automatic. Average cycle time per unit of output is 1-2 sec. what equates to effective working speed (depending on operator’s skill set and the features of the item) to bind 1200 cycles per hour. Horizontal material feed facilitates and accelerates the execution of work. The operator inputs needed diameter and number of loops into the computer using the touch-screen and inserts the pre-punched block of sheets. The machine automatically unwinds the spool and cuts the required length of wire. The operator has only to press the touch-screen or the foot pedal at his own choice and the whole product is automatically carried to the closing area. At customer’s option can be provided conveyor for more convenient collection of outcoming goods.

High quality combined with reliability and performance and reasonable price, built-in LB-350, definitely makes it the best choice for any printing plant.