LB-700 Automatic Binder 700mm

Intended for automatic cutting, binding, closing double-loop spirals and calendar hangers inserting

The semiautomatic universal machine for production of the calendars, books and catalogs of the largest size up to 700 mm with the unique calendar hanger system (optionally), which allows you to adapt easily to all formats and for longest calendar hangers up to 400 mm. It is fully electrically operated (no compressed air required). Average working speed varies from 600 to 1000 cycles per hour depending on operator’s skill set, the features of the blocks of sheets and working conditions. All the setting steps and control performed via touch-screen display through conversational and user-friendly interface what facilitate working and cut time for personal training. The operator inputs needed parameters into the computer using the touch-screen. The machine automatically unwinds the spool and cuts the required pieces of wire. It can be one length or two identical wires for wall calendars, or “skips” up to five lengths. The operator puts the pre-punched block of sheets onto the horizontal table and presses the footswitch. The table collects the calendar by means of a bar and moves it to the binding station, where the spiral is inserted and closed by means of a shaped tool (each diameter has its own specific tool). During this operation a hanger can be optionally, automatically inserted. The machine has a new effective and ergonomic side lays system to advantage the binding of books with overhanging cover and be instrumental in size conversion. The success of LB-700 might as well be attributable to other basic advantages such as waste-paper eliminator integrated into the wire spool holder, spiral guiding case, made of non-magnetic metallic material, modern electromechanical hanger feeder system providing steady discharge and accurate positioning of hangers.