LBS-50 Hot-Melt Perfect Binder

Intended for professional books and pads adhesive binding

The LBS-50 perfect binding system allows to bind books with case bound covers and pads with light cover stock at speeds up to 360 cycles per hour with books up to 50 mm (1.9”) thick. It is desktop and compact; easy to install and use and gives excellent results for anyone looking for a short to medium length run solution. The machine offers very simple operation so any operator can easily produce professional quality books with minimal training.

The pneumatic clamp and nipper are powered by a silent compressor and automatically adjust to the book thickness. The heavy duty blade roughs and notches the entire book spine, providing greater surface area for adhesion. Twin glue rollers apply an even layer of glue, while a third metering roller smoothes out the glue to the desired thickness. The heavy duty nipper with adjustable pressure provides maximum bind strength and guarantees a perfectly square backed book or pad every time. A big color touch screen allows the operator to easily adjust a range of key parameters including cover alignment with the spine, nipping pressure, clamping pressure and much more. All the setting steps and control performed through user-friendly interface; mechanical adjustment number is minimized. All the working stages can be finely-tuned due to powerful controller permitting the use of different kinds of materials, covers and hot-melt glues.

High quality design, ease of operation and maintenance, and professional results will astound you and make the LBS-50 Perfect binder a smart choice for any bindery.