LP-360 Combined Desktop Electric Punching and Closing Machine

Intended for punching and wire closing independently of pitch

Economic and reliable desktop machine, easy to install, use and maintain, compact and low in price, suitable for large range of products including booklets, pads, planners and calendars with hangers or without. It can serve as a puncher or a closing machine, as well as a binder. For punching the operator has only to insert the paper block into the punching tool and press on the footswitch. For binding the operator has to fix a special rack-type tool, hook the wire (and eventually the hanger) on the rack, insert manually the wire into the punched paper block and press the footswitch. Maximum working length per one punch is 360 mm (14.2″) but the cantilever structure configured with the slide-up stop enable working with outsized sheet stacks for double stroke. Maximum punching thickness per stroke: 2,3 mm. Wide range of punching tools available, including tools with thumb-cut for calendar hangers and for plastic-coils holes. Change-over from one punching tool to another demands little effort and time. Any punch bar can be easily removed; it takes no more then 2 minutes. Wire closing demands little effort, working material feed is vertical what eliminates the risk of getting fingers injury. Average closing cycle time is 1.8 sec., that is optimal response time corresponding to the human psychomotor system. Elegance and design reliability, high metal intensity, high-quality materials and component parts are the features giving assurance of the continued long term viability of the machine. The first LP-360 production lot was sold in 2001; all the machines carry on being in operation and in absolutely undamaged condition up to the present. The only service they needed after 10 years of running was punch bars sharpening. Desktop electric punching and closing machine LP-360 is the best choice for printing shops of small and average production, for instant printery and for office use, cost-effectiveness and reliable solution.