LP-500 Heavy-Duty Punching Machine 500 mm

Intended for both creasing and perforating of all types of book and calendar production

Heavy-duty professional punch machine, suitable for large range of products. Maximum punching thickness per stroke for standard punching dies is 4.5 mm but custom-made enforced dies can punch paper packs up to 8 mm thick. LP-500 is designed and produced at a state-of-the-art level; meets safety conditions requirements and distinguishes itself by numerous advantages. For example due to cantilever structure working width of punching is practically unlimited. Furthermore the model is equipped with eccentric shaft. This feature ensures ease of adjusting and handling. Special mention in this regard should be made of punching dies. Split two-part dies with thumb cut allow book block punching up to 480 mm in width as well as calendar punching up to 520 mm without the need to invest in a second die. Guides of all punching dies are made of bronze and also punch pins are made of superior high-alloy steel whereby dies durability increases threefold in comparison with steel guides and punch pins can be sharpened multiple times. Besides that dies configuration allows the quick cancellation of any punching knife, adjusting perforation depth and distance from the punching edge. Special tear-off perforation and scoring dies are also available providing range of options for using LP-500 beyond calendars producing season. The scoring die is designed with a possibility of score width adjusting up to 5.5 mm and variable geometry of scoring plates what is good for work materials of various thickness and base weight. Our engineers can design and produce punching dies with any bespoke punch patterns (e.g. rectangular, triangular, and elliptical).