LPA-420 Heavy-Duty Automatic Punching Machine

Intended for automatic high-speed punching production

Heavy-duty, professional, high-speed auto-punch machine, designed to accommodate the widest possible punching and shape applications on loose leaves, simply, efficiently and at very high output speeds. This remarkably user-friendly model is able to punch up to 3600 pieces of paper per hour. The machine with new drive system and non-stop feeder will also take cardboard and plastics. The drive system consists of 6 electrical motors and 3 pneumatic actuators instead of a single central drive performing ease of adjusting of separate assembly units and avoiding the dynamic distortions pertaining to camshaft gear. Another basic advantage of LPA-420 is repeating accuracy in holes positioning precision what achieved by full stop of work piece a split second before the punching stroke. The dynamic size change feature is controlled by a conversational touch key screen and ensures precision punching of a wide variety of documents.

In essence the machine adjusting is at most quick and simple. The operator inputs needed parameters into the computer via the touch-screen. All the setting steps and control performed through user-friendly interface; mechanical adjustment number is minimized. Turnover drum keeps the punched sheets in the correct page sequence and delivers them to the ejection system.

The LPA-420 distinguishes itself by increased productivity and speed. The machine is ideal to upgrade the time and labor consuming semiautomatic technological processes and to answer to the modern requests of blank book binding. Thanks to its reasonable price, simplicity, high productivity, will immediately pay back.