LR-1030 Wire-O Cutting Machine

Intended for automatic double spiral wire cutting

Semiautomatic cutting machine LR-1030 automatically unwinds the spool and cuts the required length of wire for further hand insertion. The machine can use double-loop spirals of all diameters in the pitches 3:1” and 2:1”. It is floor standing and base-mounted; it uses high strength stainless steel knife, strong and durable, and has automatic waste stock collection. All the setting steps and control performed via touch-screen display through conversational and user-friendly interface what facilitate training and working. The operator inputs needed number and length of pieces into the computer using the touch-screen and press the start button on the display or the foot pedal at his own choice. The machine automatically unwinds the spool and cuts the required number of loops and the whole product is carried to the working table. The amount of the cut and forthcoming wire pieces is visually represented on screen display in the course of work. The working process is demanding little effort from the operator due to the electronic counter. If the set parameter is out of acceptable range screen tip gives a warning to the user. All the settings are kept in computer memory. If you changed the data incorrectly or unintentionally you need only press CLR on pop-up screen and you will come back to the initial data. LR-1030 is ideal for companies wanting to enter into the business for supplying ready-cut wire to printing offices.