LS-500 Desktop Electric Closing Machine for Wire-O binding 500 mm

Intended for wire closing while the pre-punched block of sheets binding

Semi-automatic desktop closing machine LS-500 is designates for binding spirals of all diameters in the pitches 3:1” and 2:1” with length up to 500 mm. Equipment market demand for delivery cost minimization, especially overseas, has been the main driver for the launch of our compact desktop Wire-O spiral press LS-500. Operating the machine is very simple. Power connection is the same as for any household electrical appliance through the electrical cable completed the set. The operator simply has to place the punched block with the inserted wire into the closing device and press the foot pedal. The machine is equipped with the high-grade safety protection capable to interrupt the cycle in time less then 0,05 sec. in case of any object entry into the operating area. The LS-500 is actuated by gear-motor drive with the frequency converter allowing to control acceleration phase, working phase and shutdown phase independently what has a knock-on effect on the great precision in the breakpoint adjustment.