LS-700 Electric Closing Machine for Wire-O binding 700 mm

Intended for wire closing while the pre-punched block of sheets binding

Semi-automatic closing machine LS-700 is in a class by itself for binding spirals of all diameters in the pitches 3:1” and 2:1” with length up to 700 mm. It has all the basic benefits of LS-500 but is notable for the extended length, horizontal working material feed and floor standing and base-mounted configuration. Binding with the LS-700 is very easy. The operator simply has to place the punched block with the inserted wire under the closing device and press the foot pedal. The wire closing is carried out on the horizontal working table by means of the bar working gap of which is adjusted by special screws. The LS-700 distinguishes itself by exceptional durability, reliability and advanced operating safety. The machine is outfitted with shutdown system that is automatically triggered in case of any object entry into the operating area. The full termination time is less then 0,05 sec. The machine will not start working again while the obstacle is not removed completely.