LSU-65 Corner-Cutting Machine

Intended for corner rounding and straight cutting

The LSU-65 corner-rounder is operated by compressed air and fitted with two pneumatic cylinders, a preliminary paper clamping cylinder and a powerful actuating cylinder. Competitive advantage of LSU-65 is that it has high-capacity and operation safety. Preliminary paper clamping and start with simultaneous pressing of two push-buttons and pedal guarantee the complete safety protection. Very thick ream of paper can be processed in one stroke (even up to 50 mm thick pile of material per stroke). You can use it with paper, foil, plastic, leather etc. The long life knives are made from hardened and grinded steel and endure up to 40 resharpening; changing the knife takes not more then 5 minutes. Several optional die-cuts are available; tool of any bespoke form and radius can also be made. The open table handles any size stock. Micro screw stop feed accelerates change-over to new products; table inclination change feature provides more comfortable working owing to increase in speed of pile jogging. The LSU-65 corner-cutter is furnished with dismountable refuse bin and complementary tool chest. An excellent solution for photo studios or print centers, very useful to give excellent finish to your documents such as brochures, cards, photo album, etc.